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Posted on 05-27-2016

Is Your Vision Causing Your Migraines?

July 1, 2013 by Brett Brimhall

Is Your Vision Causing Your Migraines?If you’re constantly reaching for the Excedrin and you’re not sure why, perhaps it’s time you took a good look (no pun intended) at your eyes. While migraines can have a major effect on vision, your vision may actually hold some of the blame for your migraines, too. The following vision problems can cause major headaches – even migraines, so if any of these sound familiar, come see us today.

Eye strain: Since your cornea and lens work together to focus your vision, any problems with this function can cause unnecessary strain. The strain then leads to exhaustion of the muscles in the eye and can result in blurred vision and headaches. This is common with patients who have astigmatism, hyperopia and presbyopia, because these condition affect the ability of the eye to focus.

Glaucoma: Glaucoma can also cause migraines and headaches. Glaucoma refers to a condition with abnormal intraocular pressure. This abnormal pressure can be a major cause of head pain – even migraines. It can also lead to blurred vision, nausea and even vomiting.

Papilledema: Papilledema is a condition caused by excessive swelling of the optic nerve. This can be caused by a number of factors, including serious conditions like brain tumors, hemorrhages and trauma. This swelling can cause major headaches and migraines, so seek medical attention if your headaches are sudden, frequent or severe.

Some migraines not caused by vision problems can still affect your eyes. Often times headaches caused by other factors still cause vision issues and impairments. Speaking with your family doctor as well as your eye doctor can help determine the best method for treating your migraines and associated vision problems.

If you’re experiencing frequent headaches or migraines and you’re unsure of the cause, come see today. And if your headaches are accompanied by eyesight problems like blurriness, blackouts or kaleidoscope vision, make sure you see the experts at Brimhall Eye Center right away.

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