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Health Bank Account

                       HEALTH BANK ACCOUNT I


1. Fluid of any kind facilitates hydration?  T/F_______.

2. Muscle is lighter than fat? T/F ________.

3. The skin is more elastic as we age, due to increased absorption of vitamin C? T/F______.

4. A fat cell has more water than a muscle cell? T/F _______.

5.  The more consistent and routine your sleep is the leaner your body mass will be? T/F _____.


1. The mind has absolutely no influence on healing and functions on glucose only? T/F_____.

2. Avoid all B-vitamins when you are stressed and fatigued. T/F_____.

3. Eating more food makes a person more content and decreases digestive stress yielding more energy? T/F ______.

4. Vitamin B-5 supports adrenal function and is called the "anti-stress" vitamin? T/F______.

5. Anger causes stress and stress can result in anxiety that leads to anger, both will eventually cause disease? T/F ______.


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