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Health Bank Account VI

                         Health Bank Account VI    

1. The digestion of food is one of the major building blocks in the formation of energy? T/F ____

2. The digestion of food has two major interrelated processes of digestion, the physical/mechanical digestion and the chemical which is the process of hydrolysis by which carbohydrates, fats , and proteins are converted to one of the most important forms, glucose? T/F ____

3. Exercise increases hunger? T/F ____

4. When you first start your new lifestyle of aerobic exercise, due to limited glycogen storage the body will eat muscle first, then as a consistent routine continues, muscle will not be depleted but will begin to store glycogen? T/F ____

5. Exercise is an important part of a lifestyle routine that will improve the metabolism and reduce hunger cravings? T/F ____

6. One Of the oldest people recorded was a vegetarian? T/F ____

Answers to previous test: 1=T 2=T 3=T 4=T 5=F 6=F 7=T 8=F 9=T 10=T

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