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Posted on 09-25-2017

Chicago Pediatric Eye Exams

Here at Eye Society we proudly serve the greater Chicago area with a convenient location near the Loop and one in Streeterville, so there’s no reason to skip annual eye exams. While you may realize the importance of eye exams for yourself, you might not think it’s quite as important to have your young children undergo regular Chicago pediatric eye exams. However, nothing could be further from the truth, as these examinations are so essential that the state of Illinois requires school eye exams by law. Typically, you’ll need to take your youngster in for an exam before they enter kindergarten so you can help them begin their school career with a clear vision and a solid footing.

pediatric eye exams from your optometrist in chicago

The Importance of Pediatric Eye Exams in Chicago

As you bring your infant in for their first few visits with their pediatrician, you may notice the doctor performing a few basic eye checks. While they cannot determine if vision correction is necessary, they may be able to detect that something is amiss with your baby’s vision and recommend seeing an optometrist in Chicago for a follow-up. However, as your child grows up, vision problems can develop at any time. Here are just a few reasons to make sure you schedule pediatric eye exams every year, especially before your child starts school.

Kids May Not ‘See’ They Have a Vision Problem

Especially if your child has been living their whole life seeing things with a certain vision, they might not even realize that there is a problem to tell you about. Even distorted vision likely appears ‘normal’ to them.

Schoolwork Concerns

 It is estimated that one-fourth of school-aged children are suffering from some form of unidentified vision problem that can impede their performance in school. Reading delays can be problematic, and it’s easy to fall behind when you cannot see the chalkboard or struggle to read lesson plans and books.

Daily Struggles

 Vision issues can cause your child to appear ‘clumsy’ as they move about struggling to see where they are going, making daily tasks very frustrating. They may also suffer from frequent headaches, which can also make them appear cranky or uncooperative.

Eye Disease Concerns

 A number of conditions can be detected through pediatric eye exams in Chicago. We can detect any tumors, risks for diabetes and check for several neurologic and autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, lupus and Sjogren’s syndrome during examinations.

Our Chicago optometrist will get a detailed family history from you, inquire about any health concerns your child has and discuss any signs you may notice in your child. We’ll give your youngster a comprehensive back to school eye examination and consult with you concerning their need for vision correction or if we see any signs of abnormalities.

Contact Eye Society for Eye Exams in Chicago!

Don’t take chances with your child’s vision! Come into one of our convenient locations in Chicago located at the Loop and in Streeterville today. Call our Streeterville office at 312-640-2405 or contact our Loop location at 312-631-3247 to schedule an appointment.

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