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Posted on 09-14-2017

Do You Require Dry Eye Treatment in Chicago?

When your eyes do not receive sufficient lubrication and their surfaces grow less moist, the result is a medical condition known as dry eye. It’s a disorder that affects women more often than men, and it may be related to differences in hormone levels between males and females. If you have this ailment, you’ll want to obtain dry eye treatment in Chicago from Eye Society, your preferred optometrist. 

young man experiencing dry eyes in Chicago

Typical Dry Eye Symptoms

Patients tend to experience a range of symptoms caused by dry eye. You may first notice you have this condition because your eyes have grown unusually sensitive to light. Or, while outside during windy weather, you find your eyes feeling irritated by the rushing air. Irritation or a scratch feeling is another sign of a dry eye, and red eyes are a common indicator as well. 

Blurry vision is another symptom associated with dry eye. Patients may feel like their eyes are exhausted by the end of their day at school or work. The eyes generally will be tearing up more than usual, and you may experience trouble when trying to wear your prescribed contact lenses.

If you live or work in a particularly dry location, you are more susceptible to dry eye. Patients sometimes experience dry eye after undergoing Lasik surgery. Failure to keep your contact lenses or eyeglasses clean according to the manufacturer’s instructions can lead to dry eye. 

Consultation with an optometrist will help reveal the cause of your dry eyes.

Dry Eye Treatment

With so many painful symptoms, it’s no wonder that people with dry eyes want to know what their treatment options are. Your eye doctor will examine you and discuss your lifestyle when coming up with a customized treatment plan.

For example, during the consultation, the optometrist may determine that a prescription medication you recently began taking is causing dry eyes. You could discuss alternative medicines with your primary care physician to see if that takes care of the dry eye problem.

Artificial tear eye drops will provide your eyes the moisture and lubrication they need. The optometrist will remind you to stop rubbing your eyes whenever you are outside and experiencing irritation from airborne irritants and pollution. If you are not adequately hydrated, you’ll be advised to drink more fluids (your body needs water to make tears!).

Changes in your work and study habits may the key to your successful treatment. When staring at a computer monitor, smartphone or tablet, make sure to keep blinking (about once every 5 seconds). Keeping your eyes wide open without a break will dry them out.

Set an Appointment with Your Chicago Eye Doctor Today for Dry Eye Treatment

It’s best to have an eye care professional examine you for dry eyes and help you with a personalized plan to cure this uncomfortable condition. To learn more about dry eye treatment or to book an appointment with your preferred Chicago eye doctor, please get in touch with Eye Society today.

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