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Posted on 05-24-2017

Prepare Yourself for Summer with A New Pair of Sunglasses!

Summer fashion calls out for bright new sunglasses, and this year's styles are fun and laid-back. But going for the trendiest looks isn't the only reason to get new sunglasses this summer. At Heights Eye Center, we see patients every summer with eye problems due to spending too much time in the bright sunlight. Good sunglasses will protect your eyes, preventing temporary or even permanent damage. See us for the right pair and you'll protect your eyes while looking good.

man playing guitar and wearing sunglasses

Eye Protection From Sunlight -- All Year Long

While sunglasses are most commonly seen as summer wear, it's really important to wear them all year long. This is because the damage you get from sunlight happens every day. Sunlight comes in all parts of the spectrum, and most of it is beneficial or harmless. At one end of the spectrum, though, is the cooler shades of ultraviolet, the so-called UV shades. The most common of them, UVA and UVB, can do damage to your eyes. 

Dr. Aversa, our Hasbrouck Heights optometrist, advises that you should wear sunglasses every time you're outside. The damage that UV rays does is cumulative, which means it builds up over time. Not only can it cause temporary symptoms like itchy, watery eyes and squinting, it can also contribute to serious conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration.

UV Eye Care In Hasbrouck Heights

Our Hasbrouck Heights eye doctor can create sunglasses from any frame you choose in our office. We can offer polarized lenses, which eliminates the glare you see from bright sunlight, as well as UV protection. Always make sure to get professional grade sunglasses that eliminate 100 percent of the available UV rays, in order to protect your eyes from sunlight damage.

Summer is on the way, and it's time to get a pair of sunglasses that truly protect your eyes. Call our optometrist in Hasbrouck Heights, Dr. James Aversa, to make an appointment for an eye exam today. You can reach us at 201-288-1109. 

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