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Eye Care Services from Our Optometrist in Hasbrouck Heights

eye care services from our hasbrouck heights optometrist

What are you looking for in your search for that ideal optometrist in Lodi, Garfield, Wood-Ridge or Hasbrouck Heights? If you're like most of the individuals and families we see, you're seeking an eyecare center capable of offering the widest possible range of services, from routine preventative care to vision correction and treatment recommendations for ocular disorders. In other words, you want a Garfield, Hasbrouck Heights, Garfield or Lodi optometrist who can provide a "one-stop shop" for a lifetime of optimal eyesight. Heights eye Center is ready to provide that level of service through our optometrist in Hasbrouck Heights, Dr. James Aversa. Typical services include:

  • Eye Health Examinations - Our Wood-Ridge optometrist employs Optomap retinal evaluation, tonometry and other techniques to detect diseases such glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts. We can also diagnose dry eye and corneal problems.

  • Eye Function Testing - From neurological assessments to eye muscle evaluations, we can check your eye function and recommend any necessary corrective treatments. 

  • Eye Treatment - We can provide effective treatment for conjunctivitis, blepharitis and many other eye problems. Even progressive disorders such as macular degeneration and glaucoma can be controlled through medication and other methods.

  • Vision Testing - Vision testing is important so we can diagnose refractive errors that make clear vision impossible. If you have a refractive error, our optometrist in Lodi can write a prescription for corrective lenses.

  • Eyeglasses - If you need glasses, we've got a great selection to choose from at our optical center.

  • Contact Lens Evaluations and Fittings - Contact lenses must fit your eyes perfectly and suit your vision needs. Our Lodi optometrist can help you choose the right kind of contacts and use corneal topography to measure your corneas for the fitting.

  • LASIK Care - We can evaluate your eyes to see whether you're a good candidate for LASIK refractive surgery. If you opt for this form of vision correction, we can provide pre-surgical and post-surgical supportive care and monitoring.

  • BlephEx - BlephEx is a deep cleaning system for the eyelids and eyelashes. We can prescribe BlephEx to relieve and prevent the symptoms of blepharitis.

  • Gems Genetic Testing -  Nutritional supplementation and personalized dietary plans can nourish the eyes and provide support against eye diseases. Gems genetic testing allows us to analyze a cheek swab of your DNA s we can prescribe the ideal mix of supportive nutrients for your needs.

Emergency Eyecare Services

Eye Injuries

Scratched Corneas

Foreign Body Removal

Eye Inflammation

Eye Infections

Flashes and Floaters

Sudden Loss of Vision

Acute Double Vision

Proudly Serving the Areas of Hasbrouck Heights, Lodi, Wood-Ridge and Garfield, NJ.

Great eye care is more than checkups and treatments -- it's a commitment to helping our neighbors enjoy a higher quality of life. Heights Eye Center takes great pride in serving the Areas of Hasbrouck Heights, Lodi, Wood-Ridge and Garfield, NJ. If you and your loved ones need a Garfield, Hasbrouk Heights, Lodi or Wood-Ridge optometrist you can count on for many years to come, experience our eye care services for yourself. Call 201-288-1109 to schedule an appointment!