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1.)  Is Dr. Hobson retiring soon?  No!

While Dr. Hobson has been in the business now for over 40 years, he has no current intentions on retiring in the near future.  Dr. Hobson is currently practicing two and half days a week (Monday, Tuesday, and half a day Thursday) and looks forward to continuing to serve his patients here at Hobson Eye Associates for many more years! 

2.)  If my doctor is not in the office today, can I see a different doctor?  

Yes!  Hobson Eye Associates has three doctors now; Dr. Chris Hobson, Dr. Heather Zutaut and Dr. Jessica Hall.  All three work hand-in-hand taking care of your eye care needs.  If you see a different doctor they make sure that "your doctor" is updated.  

3.) Do I have to have a contact lens evaluation every year and do I have to pay an extra fee?

Yes.  The State of Georgia requires that every contact lens wearer have a “contact lens evaluation” every 12 months in conjunction with their standard eye health examination.  

Yes, there will be an additional cost.  The cost of the Contact Lens Evaluation is determined by the type of lenses that are required, your prescription, and if you are a previous wearer. Your contact lens prescription is valid for one year after your final prescription has been determined.  The contact lens exam is the responsibility of the patient every year, without it the patient will not be able to order any new contact lenses (whether there is a change in prescription or not).

4.) What is an Optomap and will my insurance cover it?

The OptoMap is a retinal image that provides the doctor with a full view of the retina, optic nerve, macula, and blood flow of the eye. The OptoMap can also assist the doctor in the early detection of eye diseases, such as glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration, and even some cancers.

The cost of the scan at Hobson Eye Associates is $35.  However, more and more insurance companies are seeing the incredible benefit to this scan and are offering it to their members for a copay.  We will be happy to pull your benefits and go over this with you at your appointment.  


5.) Why did my insurance cover more of my visit last year than this year?

While we understand that this can be frustrating for many patients, insurance companies can and do change policies from year to year.  The changes will range from co-pays to coverage for testing.

Hobson Eye Associates will make every patient aware of their charges at your appointment.  However, please feel free to contact your insurance company with any questions that you might have about your policy changes prior to your appointment.  

6.)  Do I have the option to try any contact lenses that I want?

While we try our hardest at Hobson Eye Associates to accommodate our patients, every contact lens brand and/or every option for contact lenses may not be suitable for each patient. The ultimate decision on what is best for the patient is at the doctor's discretion. 

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