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October 2018

Letter From the Publisher, Maureen Hart Cary

When my world starts to feel like it is spiraling out of control, I’ve learned that the best thing to do is make a list.  With scads of thoughts running around in my head, I get a vision of the Tasmanian devil swirling around in there. I’ve made a conscious effort during the last 10 years to find tools and tricks to help manage things, myself included.  That’s where my list comes in. It really is the quickest road back to order and sanity when life seems to spin out of control.

One of the beautiful things a list does for us is give a peaceful illusion of finiteness in an infinite world. The illusion, of course, may be short lived but the momentary pause it gives us to get our feet back solidly on the ground may be well worth it.  Lists also feed our belief that we can get organized, and that organization will work. This illusion is vital to our resilience for stepping up to the plate.

Probably the greatest thing about lists is the sheer joy of checking items off as we do them.  If we are feeling really bad, it’s good to add things we have already completed to the list just so we can experience the pleasure of checking them off. 

The writing of this Letter from the Publisher every month is often on a to do list.  Typically pushed off (again and again) until it’s the day before we go to print, I’m usually frantically writing and begging someone to edit it.  I hate that part the most—the sense of urgency. Every month I vow that I’m not going to do it next month, and while this may be the 123rd letter I’ve written, I have managed only a few times to get it done early.

If I would only embrace how good it feels to have it done early, I would have one less stress at print time.  This month, I had an extra motivation to get it done early: As we go to print, we fly to Italy for a once in a lifetime vacation.  If I had an incentive like that every month, I suppose it would help!

As we head at lightening speed into the holiday season, lists and travel are things I’m grateful for. Another is the wonderful tribe of people I have in my life.  The magazine has brought me some truly amazing friends that I can’t imagine my life without now.  The Natural Awakenings community is filled with passionate, dedicated souls that are an honor to share my life with.

Maureen Cary
RI | Natural Awakenings |  401-709-2473