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BARTONELLA "Cat Scratch Fever"

Bartonella is commonly known as "cat scratch fever" and is a disease that is transmitted by fleas and ticks. It is recommended that cats that originated as a stray, came from a shelter or humane group, are living in a multi cat household, go outdoors often and live in hot and humid area are recommended for testing. Bartonella can be passed onto humans through cat scratches, bites, contact with fur, and rarely bites from infected fleas and ticks themselves. The best practice is to have your cat initially tested, whether displaying symptoms or not as many can be asymptomatic, to ensure that Bartonella is not present in your family kitten or cat. Regular monthly flea control should be purchased from a reputable veterinarian's office to ensure effectiveness of treatment. Many time the manufacture of flea products will only provide a guarantee on effectiveness because they know optimal shipping and handling are being followed by veterinarians to maximize the effectiveness of the medication.

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