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Innovative Technology From Our Winchester Optometrist

At Winchester Optical, we're committed to providing you and your family with the best in eye and vision care. Our very own Winchester optometrist team consists of several licensed optometrists, technicians, and opticians who have one goal in mind: helping you optimize your ocular health. Our office is also outfitted with only the most state-of-the-art technology to ensure that we're able to conduct precise screenings, exams, and diagnostics. 

Retinal Camera

Ever had to have eye drops used to dilate your pupils when seeing an eye doctor in Winchester? If so, then you'll be happy to learn that our retinal camera negates the need for dilating eye drops! Specifically, this innovative piece of equipment allows us to see inside the eye, all the way to the back of the eye. This includes not only the retinas, but the optic nerve, macula, and other important structures as well. This camera provides a high-quality image that allows us a clear picture to your ocular health.

Anterior Segment Photography

We also have anterior segment photography in our office, which comes in handy for patients who have been diagnosed with eye conditions like dry eye, cataracts, or other diseases affecting the lens of the eye. Specifically, this machine allows us to see an up-close and detailed image of the front part of the eye using a special microscope-mounted camera. It is ideal for tracking progression of eye conditions and assessing how effective treatment methods are.

Corneal Topography

If you wear contact lenses, we will most likely need to use corneal topography at some point while you are in our office. Specifically, this is a technology that allows us to create a detailed map of all the different curves and parts of each cornea before we make specialize contact lenses. This helps us to ensure that the lenses we create or order will be a perfect fit for the unique curves of each eye. This is especially important among patients with astigmatism.

iCare Tonometer

Our iCare tonometer device is a machine that allows us to take important measurements of your eye, such as your eye pressure, without the need for eye drops or that annoying "puff of air" that you may have experienced at other Winchester eye doctor offices in the past. Instead, this handheld device allows us to take accurate measurements in a matter of seconds and without any patient discomfort!


Our new Optikam device serves many functions, with the most important being to take the most precise measurements of your eyes and face, thus ensuring the best possible fit of your new lenses and frames. This device also allows you to see what you will look like in different styles of frames, making it easier to shop for your next pair of glasses.

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